Artsanac Case Study
Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University

The brief was simple, to look over the old content on the website and replicate the content to comply with the new and updated website. BCU have their own bespoke CMS system and after a few hours training on the programme Patrick was ready to embark on the task ahead.

Whilst Artsanac was at BCU Pat got the chance to work within the marketing and communications department and this was another exciting contract opportunity for Artsanac.


Web Editing
Web Development
Image Editing
Data Input
artsanac - bcu case study
Multi-tasking data input and CMS Website pages building
artsanac - bcu case study
Design of BCU Facebook adverts
Artsanac - bcu case study
Bespoke CMS platform web editing
Artsanac - bcu case study
Multiple Microsoft Excel data input sheet
Artsanac - bcu case study
Responsive Image Layouts editing
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Let's just say that it was an experience Artsanac will never forget and made us proud to be in the business we are in. To work for such a large company will only further enhance the reputation of this rapidly growing company and let us rest assure you that no matter the scale of the job or the company we are representing, the same high levels of excellence will always be upheld.

"Thank you for your work, for the way you fitted in to the team and for going beyond your chargeable hours. It was a pleasure having you in the department and we’d be pleased to work with you again in the future".

Joseph Devo
Assistant Director of Communications & Public Relations

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